Styles and Techniques of Wedding Photography


Typically, getting married is one of the significant steps of your life. Having spent all the money finding the perfect wedding gown, beautiful bouquets of flowers,  finding a romantic venue and many other things that go along to create an ideal wedding day, you want your memories recorded to reflect your personality and style.

Different photographers use different baby photography sacramento styles; thus, it is important that you cut through the sales pitch and the fancy jargon to get one that can help you meet your wedding photography vision. Here is an outline of some of the major wedding photography styles used.

Wedding Photojoutnalism

This is a type of wedding photography sacramento whereby the photographer is not involved nearly as much as is usual. The photos tell the story, and the focus is taken off of the usual posed and planned pictures. In this type of wedding photography, the photographer stands on the sidelines and will shoot from the background thus being unobtrusive as possible. But,  the pictures captured put the viewer right in the mix of what is going on. Natural moments happening, in reality, are caught without the typical set up and posing a picture.

Traditional Wedding Photography

In traditional wedding photography, the photographer is highly involved. Normally, most of the portraits are set up and posed, bringing in a more traditional approach to the wedding pictures. In this style, the photographer acts as some director, guiding the wedding party and guests into formations and poses for photos.

Fashion Wedding Photography:  This type of wedding photography is true to its name- it focuses on the element of fashion. Brides who request for fashion wedding photos to be taken book studio time outside of a typical wedding day shoot. This allows the photographer to plan out a session that incorporates more lighting and creative techniques. A fashion wedding shoot done in the studio allows the bride more freedom to switch into typical fashion poses along with a more serious fashion-like facial expression. This offers both the bride and groom with something different and spectacular that they can add to their wedding photo album.

There is also another aspect of wedding photography that is referred to as the fearless bridal, or trashes the dress wedding photography. This is typically something that brides will choose after everything has been said and done as a creative alternative to preserving their wedding dresses that they will never wear again. The brie can venture out to the beach or a fountain,  pose for pictures in the city streets or on railroads,  in abandoned buildings or fields, or choose to get muddies up in the woods. Often, brides feel that will help them get rid of the tension from the wedding.


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